Gm Application : Aidan

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Gm Application : Aidan

Post by UltimateSecrets on Tue May 24, 2016 3:41 am

EnvictedMS Staff Application

Name: Aidan
Age: 17
Gender: M
In-game name (optional but recommended): Aidan
Timezone: Central Time Zone (Texas)
What position are you applying for?: GM
Prior experience?: I've worked on previous servers in the past, although currently I work real jobs.
How long will you be on a day?: Depending on my schedule I can be on for a maximum of 6 hours.
Why would we choose you?: I have real skills as a leader and an employee, Id rather be interviewed face to face so you can see this.
What skills can you bring to the team & the server?: I have every skill needed to deal with a simple policing/Organizing job, my most polished though are my leadership skills.
Would you stay in this server even if you’re not chosen as the position you applied for?: Most likely, I plan to bring along a coder with me to check it out.
Provide us steps with your doings to certain situations:
1. Hackers – (What would you do?)
Depends on your regulations, but most likely a ban or a jail.
2. Advertisers – (What would you do?)
Depends on your regulations, most likely a warning and/or a jail.
3. Bullying – (What would you do?)
This isn't exactly very specific, if I see it Ill step in and deal with it like anyone would.
4. Abusers (Staff) – (What would you do?)
Report them, I probably am not allowed to do anything further than that.
Additional Information about yourself: I'm a man of few words but I like to organize and lead groups of people to reach a common goal. Please inquire with me personally so as to understand my reasoning.
If you submit this application, you’ve agreed to the rules of EnvictedMS, failure to comply would result in a permanent denial of application.


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