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(I know this application is not strong but have a look) Smile
Downloading the client now. and plan to play a lot Smile

Name: Sondre
Age: 22
Gender: Male
In-game name (optional but recommended): In Progress
Timezone: GMT +1
What position are you applying for?: Game Master
Prior experience?: None, But im a quick learner
How long will you be on a day?: Depends, 3-8 hours
Why would we choose you? Honestly? I've always wanted to be a Game Master, I'm very mature and responsible. i love being social and i love to help people.
What skills can you bring to the team & the server?: Good Humor, Behaviour Guideance, Ability to discuss all matters and explain my point of view to the cause. I'm a open book and i always say my mind.
Would you stay in this server even if you’re not chosen as the position you applied for?: Yes Ofcourse
Provide us steps with your doings to certain situations:
1. Hackers – (What would you do?) Give them a warning, if found hacking 2nd time i would ban them.
2. Advertisers – (What would you do?) Warning them/Mute
3. Bullying – (What would you do?) Warning/Mute
4. Abusers (Staff) – (What would you do?)
Additional Information about yourself:
I'm a 22 year old Chef from Norway that have had a passion for Maplestory for a good 10 years or so. i quit right after Big Bang. simply because i missed the old days.

If you submit this application, you’ve agreed to the rules of EnvictedMS, failure to comply would result in a permanent denial of application.


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