Guide to Install EnvictedMS

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Guide to Install EnvictedMS

Post by Envicted on Thu May 05, 2016 9:21 pm

Step 1: Create a new folder on your desktop named EnvictedMS.

Step 2: Download both the EnvictedMS Client and Maplestory Setup files from the EnvictedMS
network website.

* If you can't download the EnvictedMS Client, see Step 8 and below it, then come back to Step 2.

Step 3: Place both the EnvictedMS Client rar file, and Maplestory Setup from
wherever you downloaded them into the EnvictedMS folder on your desktop.

Step 4: Double click the Maplestory Setup, select the folder of its installation to be EnvictedMS, and give it a few minutes to install.

Picture of Step 4:

Step 5: After the Maplestory Setup installation, there may be a new Maplestory shortcut on
your desktop and one pinned to your Start Menu; DELETE the shortcut and UNPIN the other,
as WE ARE NOT finished, and they WILL NOT let you run EnvictedMS!

Step 6: There should be a new Maplestory folder inside of the EnvictedMS folder. Open the
Envicted Files rar folder to view the five files (Character.wz, Envicted.exe, Item.wz,
Quest.wz, and String.wz) within.

Step 7: Highlight the five files, and drag them directly into the new Maplestory folder,
making sure to Move and Replace each of the four files that need this.

Picture of Step 7:

Step 8: Locate the Envicted application in the Maplestory folder,
but instead of running it, add an exception for it to your anti-virus software and
perhaps allow it though the software's/your firewall!

* Your anti-virus might not allow the Envicted application to survive outside
of the Envicted Files.rar, or be downloaded in the first place.

If so, TEMPORARILY disable it, to allow for the download and/or move
from the Envicted Files rar folder, complete Step 8 and re-enable your anti-virus.

Step 9: Create a shortcut for the Envicted application on your desktop, or pin it to the
Start Menu if you like (if not doing either of these, then you will need to go into the
Maplestory folder and double click the Envicted app each time you want to play!).

Run the game and login with the account you created on the EnvictedMS network website, not your forums account!

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