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Post by Doron on Sat May 14, 2016 4:10 pm

nvictedMS Staff Application

Name: Doron
Age: 18
Gender: Male
In-game name (optional but recommended): Verdi
Timezone: UTC + 2:00
What position are you applying for?: GM
Prior experience?: None
How long will you be on a day?: Between 3-5 hours on average.
Why would we choose you? I have been playing this server almost since it opened, therefore i know the players and the nature of the server. Also I am a responsible person and I am sure I can handle the role.
What skills can you bring to the team & the server?: Dedication, attention to small details, work according to procedures.
Would you stay in this server even if you’re not chosen as the position you applied for?: Certainly.
Provide us steps with your doings to certain situations:
1. Hackers – (What would you do?) - Ban.
2. Advertisers – (What would you do?) - Ban.
3. Bullying – (What would you do?) - First time give a warning, second time ban.
4. Abusers (Staff) – (What would you do?) - Report to the superior.
Additional Information about yourself: I finished school few weeks ago, today i practice mostly in web programming and music. When i was younger i used to play in GMS and few years later in some private servers. Always liked to play Maple and would like to take it a step forward.

If you submit this application, you’ve agreed to the rules of EnvictedMS, failure to comply would result in a permanent denial of application.


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